Friday, July 10, 2009

4 Days

4 days ago I wrote a blog post asking how long it would take Harper to respond with a negative threat towards Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, and today we have our answer:

On the same day Harper had to flip-flop and take his foot out of his mouth over a phoney attack on Iggy, he said this of the Parliamentary Budget Officer:

That's a very dumb policy and, to the extent, frankly, that the parliamentary budget officer suggested it, it's a dumb position," he said.

The "hide under a pile of coats" strategy continues. Harper also showed how out of touch he was, and how much the so-con wing of the party has crushed any sensible economic conservatives out, by confirming that the tourist support program which funded Pride is being reviewed. That's Harper for you. Blast all those who say you have mismanged the economy, then revoke funding for events that actually help stimulate the economy because they dare to take place in the gay district of Toronto.

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