Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scott Bradley for Ottawa Centre

Those who follow my blog know that I like reporting on nomination news. Usually I follow them in a dispassionate way, but in the riding in which I am a member federally, I cannot sit on the sidelines. When Scott Bradley ran in 2007, I was proud to support him, and I am proud to say I am supporting him again.
As a Young Liberal, I was inspired by the energy and dedication Scott brought to his nomination campaign, and I know that if he is successful in his nomination campaign this year, he will be a great candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada to take on Paul Dewar and the NDP. Scott is a champion for the common man, and has a strong cross-partisan appeal that any successful Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre needs. I am proud to endorse Scott Bradley for the Ottawa Centre Liberal nomination and encourage all OC Liberals to get involved with his campaign.
Scott's website can be found at: http://www.scottbradleyottawa.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Scott would actually make for a good comparison against Dewar. He's local, hands on and equipped to win back our Liberal Voters.

Ottawa Centre Senior said...

I think both candidates for the nomination have relevant professional and volunteer backgrounds, and both are good people, but I am supporting Scott for two main reasons.

First, I think that his dynamic personality and charisma gives us a real chance against Paul Dewar. The only way this riding will be won back from the NDP is by winning swing voters over, and inspiring former Liberals to come back to the fold. This takes charisma as well as a solid background. Scott is the only candidate with that charisma as well as the background.

Second, I have a lot more respect for someone who has been in the trenches with the rest of the Ottawa Centre Liberal community who decides to run for nomination, then someone who hasn't helped the Liberals before deciding to run for the nomination. How can you lead a team if you don't have any experience working with that team, or in politics at all? How can you think you can just walk into a volunteer political organization and take the top job without ever lifting a finger to help them in the past?

Scott has helped out in a lot of previous campaigns and no job was to small or too big for him. I think that, as Liberals, we should reward loyalty and hard work.

Scott's got the whole package and I think he can win the nomination AND the election.