Friday, July 17, 2009

Tories blame the victims of sex crime

This story is being criminally undereported:

"This project aims to promote equitable, non-violent behaviour in the romantic relationships of adolescents by targeting the hypersexualization of girls as a root cause of dating violence."

Yeah! The root of violence against women isn't lunkheaded men who never learned about equality, it's that girls are dressing like tramps and daring to have sex before marriage!

As someone who considers themselves a pro-sex feminist, the wording of this press release shows just how many decades the Conservatives would like to take equality and women's rights. Hell, most Conservatives I know will openly admit to wanting to either scrap the Status of Women department, or, perhaps even more sinisterly, slash it's funding so much that it is forced into silence, unable to actual advocate for its mandate effective, but unwilling to voice complains, lest the harsh hand of the government teach it a lesson by slapping the department away.

"Fuck the Conservatives" takes on a whole new meaning.

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kpn said...

Please read all the comments to Susan's blog post. You might change your interpretation of of the intent of this funding. I did. I think its a worthy project, but I can understand that its suspect coming from the con ideology.