Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Inanimate Carbon Rod for Ontario NDP leader!

After making a soft endorsement of Ottawa Centre NDP MP Paul Dewar for ONDP leadership, I have since found this facebook group, which all Liberals should join: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17854107938&ref=mf

In all seriousness, I was at the canvass/bbq in Toronto-Danforth today hosted by Andrew Lang, and after a good day of canvassing, the topic of the ONDP leadership came up. Once again, Di Novo was picked as both the likely frontrunner, and the NDP leader Liberals would most like to see. However, one name that was suggested, that I think wouldn't be surprising to enter the race, is Peggy Nash. Nash is looking down at the prospect of a likely thumping by Gerard Kennedy (outside of NDP numbers being either limp or dropping in the GTA, Nash's main campaign theme of poverty is neutralized by Kennedy, who also brings a popular local popularity) and has two attractive exit plans: She had make a run for ONDP leadership, or take over the leadership of CAW and try to bring it back into the NDP fold.
Either way, I still think Carbon Rod is the way to go.


Matt said...

I'm pretty sure the carbon rod of which you speak currently has a job of leader of the federal Liberal party

Anonymous said...

The carbon rod is actually up Pierre Polivre ass.