Monday, June 9, 2008

Worrying Precident?

While obviously I am not going to defend a Neo-Nazi that much, I believe this action by the Manitoba government sets a bad precedent. The writing on the child was likely what pushed the authorities over the edge, and is quite understandable, (as well as concerns about drug and alcohol abuse) but I can't help but feel unease when I read this quote:

"The children may be at risk due to the parents' behaviour and associates. The parents might endanger the emotional well-being of the children."

I wonder if similar action would have been taken had the child had a hammer and sickle and "Workers of The World, Unite!" marked on them. I doubt if the child had an NDP logo and a Tommy Douglas quote written on them much notice would have been taken.

In short, what political ideologies does the State find it acceptable to raise a child, for the sake of the child's "emotional well being?" in? That this question needs answering at all should worry all those who are active in politics, from the left, to the right.

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