Monday, June 23, 2008

Conservatives around the world

The UK Tories have "Vote Blue, Go Green", which includes green tax shifts as policy tools.

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks for a legacy, the Christian Democratic Union "declared that "sustainability" would be its "guiding light" and climate protection a "core goal"."

The French governing party, the Union for a Popular Movement, includes the Blue Ecologie faction, with one of it's leaders serving as Secretary of State for the Environment.

Even the Republicans, from which the Harperites draw so much inspiration, under John McCain are at least acknowledging the environment, and while they do reject much of the idea of a green tax shift, working towards a cap and trade system and acknowledging the programs of climate change are a significant step forward for a party still in large part dominated by climate denialists.

Evidently all these Conservatives worldwide have been tricked.

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WesternGrit said...

Oh, but Harper DOES have a plan... Just take a peek at my blog.

The problem is we have been a little TOO tight with the US over the years. If we follow the EU lead, we would be eons ahead socially, technologically, and environmentally. Instead we've stuck to a culture of reliance on resource exploitation/depletion, and crude oil.