Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hugh Arrison wins it

So Hugh Arrison, the financial consultant, won the Conservative nomination for Mississauga South. Given that Arrison won on the first ballot, it is likely Mississauga South Conservative spurned Ted Opitz, who faced concerns over his outsider image as he is actually from Etobicoke. So what does Arrison as a candidate mean? Well, he isn't a star candidate by any stretch, and Don Plett, when he spoke at the last AGM, openly stated the Tories were looking for one for this riding. I've speculated that the lack of one might further indicate that the Conservatives have moved Mississauga South down the target list. Arrison's first ballot victory (in a 3 horse race) would indicate that his team has at least decent organizational skills, and in a close race, could bring out the vote. Although the economy is always an important factor in any race, Arrison's background as a financial consultant and Szabo's as a chartered account as a finance man for many organizations should bring this to the forefront.
Now, how can the Liberals beat Arrison?
-Talk about (and bring to light more) Arrison's Alberta Conservative roots, (which include an endorsement from Peter Lougheed) and what this means for Ontario suburbs, highlighting the failures of the Alberta-centric Conservative Party towards the needs of the growing GTA suburbs, and how Arrison is an agent for a lack of progress in important local areas.
-Highlight the failures of the Conservatives and how they clash with Arrison's values during the nomination. On Arrison's website, he says:
"But mostly I believe in: ACCOUNTABILITY “Walk your Talk” And in continuing to reform our political institutions and processes to make them more open, democratic and accountable … to YOU."
A rundown of Conservative hypocrisy is enough to paint Arrison as more of the same double-talk that the Conservatives offer.
-Particularly compare the Conservative "accountability" that Arrison claims to represent with Szabo's chairmanship of the Ethics committee.
-While much of the rise in the Green vote in the GTA in the provincial election can be attributed to annoyed Conservatives and pro-secular schools activists, the rise of the environment in the suburbs cannot be ignored. Ridings like Mississauga South show the importance of why the tax shift must be argued, and argued well. If the shift can be sold as a pro-environment measure, with revenue neutrality, it can be a big hit amongst suburban voters, who do care about the environment, but ultimately will put the economy and pocketbooks first. If self doubt about the shift continues amongst Liberals, and real flesh is not put to the bones first, the Tories can jump on it, and tax resistive suburbanites will help make swing GTA ridings like Mississauga South, Oakville, and Mississauga Erindale go blue. These are the ridings the Liberals need to hold/win if they wish to form government.

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Anonymous said...

As an Albertan, Paul Szabo is an inspiration as to where Liberal party policy should be headed and if I were in your riding as a moderate conservative, I would be voting for him because he is one politician that stands by his convictions with the track record to prove it.

We need more politicians in all parties like him to serve.

Harper and Tom Flanagan with their ideology hell bent on a hybrid of very bias theo and social conservatism has not gone away for their plans for Canadians. Only a fool would think very differently.

Flanagan must be frustrated as a close advisor to Harper keeping the party all this time in the center. As an architect of policy like fixed elections, he is experiencing that the temptations are stronger then keeping convictions when it comes to political patience with timing.

His track record in discrediting the original people of this land with taxpayer grants and research money over the years is nothing to be proud of.

Academic welfare? Not very conservative that is for sure. If you want to stand by your research then debate it like every other academic has to in public when you take public funds for your work.

On this continent, that includes North American natives who deserve that respect after what happened as we know in history.It creates further animosity and division.

Funny this has never ever happened to date. Not a good advisor to anyone, even a leader as this sets some serious double standards.

When you apologize, you are forgiven but it is what you do with the apology afterwards that really counts. Our country's new foreign policy was behind this when we should be showing no bias to any group over another using the less fortunate to do so.

Canadians and those in your riding should know about Tom Flanagan how he has never gone away.

When Peter Lougheed is even concerned of the current brand of conservatives in Ottawa, that should be a warning and tell you not everyone is happy with the conservative direction anywhere in Canada.

Hugh Arison at one time in Edmonton was a good man beyond compromising his principles. He may have changed when he went east serving in demutualized insurance companies. Some policyholders in North America were not very happy with this process.

Hugh, voters should know you are a fine fellow but you will learn that politics is a dirty business. You should not be swayed by nor for anyone.

I trust you come home and serve in Alberta if you want to make a difference and this does not work out. Szabo is a good man and don't be a pawn for what this new group represents in what they consider to be 'true conservatism'.

That is a matter for Canadians and those in your riding to decide.