Monday, June 9, 2008

Conservative website fun

While the dispute between Opitz and the other candidates over Opitz using re-directing web domain names similar to the other candidates back to his own website was settled, with Opitz no longer using the practice, (although he appears to be a hypocrite, with directing to his website, is the website of the EDA) it seems Opitz's rivals at least set-up a counter to this, as they at some point had the domain name registered go to an anti-Opitz text, which I've screencapped using the magic of cache:
If you have trouble reading, or the image messes up, the text states:

Ted Opitz is a nomination contestant for the Conservative Party of Canada in Mississauga South.
Ted bought domain names of other nomination contestants, and used them to direct traffic to his own web site.
Ted says:
"There's nothing illegal about it"
"It's not evil or nefarious"
"It's an electoral tactic."
"A wise candidate would secure all of the domain names that could be potentially used as web sites for their candidacies."
Ted forgot to buy

What is also interesting is that the very bottom provides a link to a blog post written by John Stewart about the tensions in the race, including the disputes around domain names. However, this post was written on the 22nd of May. A later post of Stewarts, on May 28th, says that Opitz has dropped the scheme. The website, while inactive as of now, was at the very least, still up until 1 Jun 2008 00:08:12 GMT, as demonstrated by the screencap. Careless negligence, or a deliberate attempt to try and continue hitting Opitz? Who knows.

Also of note, is that Phil Green (the previous Conservative candidate in 04 and 06, who was banned from running again, and has made no secret of his displeasure) has a title at the top of his (still fairly regularly updated) website, saying "I'll be back". Green is supporting Hugh Arrison for the nomination, and it will be interesting to see what role Green will play if Opitz, who has been attacked (most notably by Arrison's campaign manager) as being Tim Peterson Mark II, wins the nomination. Tim Peterson Mark I still got Effie Triantafilopoulos to vote for him, but many of her supporters and other Conservative die-hards either stayed home or protest voted Liberal/Green.

Just for kicks, here is Effie's (still active, hmm) website:
Lots of fun tidbits about Tim Peterson too!

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