Monday, June 2, 2008

Hazel fires another shot

Hazel, the Queen of Suburbia, and someone who has feuded with the federal government many times recently, has fired another shot at the Conservatives:

"Canada is missing the "vision that built the rail lines across this country," she said."As I travelled abroad a few weeks ago to Taiwan and Korea, they are investing billions of dollars in their infrastructure," she told the gathering here of municipal leaders from across Canada."The economic success of this great country is based on the status of infrastructure in our municipalities. That's where the action is. That's where companies come to operate their businesses," she said.The feisty mayor drew gales of laughter from the audience when she took a shot at remarks Flaherty reportedly once made about Ottawa not being in the "pothole business."He was suggesting municipal infrastructure isn't Ottawa's responsibility."I can think of some potholes that need fixing in Ottawa," she said, a slag at Harper's recent axing of his Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier."

It will be extremely interesting to watch how Conservative candidates in Mississauga react to anti-Hazel remarks made by the government, the Finance Minister in particular.

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