Friday, May 30, 2008

The rise of Hugh Arrison?

New John Stewart entry, with many very interesting tidbits on the (mis)adventures of the Mississauga South Conservatives:

-Phil Green, the Tory candidate in the previous 2 elections, endorsed Hugh Arrison. Green wanteed to run a 3rd time for the Conservatives, but was vetoed by the party, and has not hid his disappointment. Green, in his endorsement, also takes a not so subtle shot at Ted Opitz, the out of riding candidate who increasingly seen as the choice of the party establishment:

"Green says Arrison has enjoyed a "tremendous" financial and business career and understands the concerns of the riding, because he lives in it."Just as important for me, Hugh knows that there can be a big difference between what is legal and what is the right thing to do," says Green, an obvious reference to candidate Major Ted Optiz's recent ploy to buy up web site domains that his opponents could potentially use and redirect people from those sites to his own."

Additionally, the choice by the other candidate, Raya Shadursky to have long-time Tory and two-time mayoralty candidate Roy Willis nominate her clearly shows that Raya and Hugh are going to make Opitz's outsider and establishment image an issue, which could leave Opitz facing an "Anyone but Ted" situation, as Mississauga Conservatives rebel against what they see as Tim Peterson Mark II.

Speaking of which:
"Tim Peterson, who has already expressed interest in running provincially again for the Tories against Charles Sousa in Mississauga South in 2014 (I'm assuming he means 2011), has his house for sale."

To which I say, Say What? Not surprising Tim is selling his place on Indian Road, but Tim Peterson running for the PC's again? He got the worst results for the PC's in the history of the riding, alienated a huge chunk of the Conservative electorate, and ran a bad campaign reliant entirely on John Tory, who has no guarantee to be around in 2011 anyway. I guess he can go for the nomination (something tells me he won't get appointed this time around) but I can't see him performing even close to respectably in an open nomination process.

Anyway, if Opitz does win (although I would say his chances might be a bit lower now) he will have to fight a tough narrative of being Tim Peterson Mark II, with plenty of anti-Ted quotes by prominent local Conservatives floating around. Less then 2 weeks to go now.

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Alan said...

Tim Peterson's career is over, enough said.