Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How To Lose A Spin War without really trying

I would have loved to see this as an article:

It shows our leader taking a strong stand for a progressive policy, defending the Liberal vision of Canada, and which although controversial, if presented right, is a representitive of the type of policies that Liberals must stand for.

However, this is the headline we get:

Note to Liberal MPs and spin masters: Publicly bashing a key platform plank of your party is a good way to lose a spin war. Imagine if during the Ontario provincial election, Liberal MPP's almost daily talked to the media behind Dalton McGuinty's back that they supported faith based funding? At this point, it isn't about a carbon tax or not, it is about standing united behind a policy and trying to tell Canadians that only a Liberal government can be trusted with managing the old economy, while creating the new, and demonstrating the callousness of the Conservatives towards the environment, and the NDP in selling out on the file. These leaks and back talkings need to stop, lest the discussion that the carbon tax could be an election become a self fulfilling prophecy.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Post! Love the graphic as well - really drives home the point.