Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don Stephens drops out of Mississauga South Conservative race, Ted Opitz the new frontrunner?

The guy who I assumed might have been the initial front runner, Ward 2 Peel District School Board trustee Don Stephens, is done. Stephens gave the standard "personal reasons", which of course means he didn't think he could win, or beat Szabo, or he thought he might be putting his Trustee position at risk. The most interesting tidbit is this:

The guy everyone seems to assume the party wants: latecomer Major Ted Opitz, a reservist with the Royal Canadian Regiment.

Opitz would seem to be the wild card. He has good credentials, but the wrong postal code.Mississauga South stalwarts have always been fussy about having their community represented by native sons or daughters (see Tim Peterson for details.)

Well, the Conservatives have a meet and greet at the Port Credit Post Office from 8:30 am to 1 pm for the Mississauga Marathon, I think I might show up and ask some questions. I encourage other Mississauga South residents, of all parties to do the same.

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