Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why do Mississauga South Conservatives hate Facebook?

It seems the most common users of Facebook are students, and people running for political office. With Facebook a great way to reach younger voters (and an increasing number of older ones), I was compelled, out of being bored more than anything else, to see how well represented the parties of Mississauga South are on the site.

My method was rather crude, I simply typed in Mississauga South and see what happened. I got 131 groups, and included only groups that were Mississauga South specific (and political in nature). Here are the results I got:

-Vote Charles Sousa
-Re-Elect Paul Szabo, MP for Mississauga South

-Peter Browne for Member of Youth Parliament - Mississauga South
Mississauga South - Green Party of Canada
-Mississauga South Green Party of Ontario (GPO)
-Mississauga South Green Party of Canada
-Elect David Johnston

-Mississauga South New Democrats

So the Greens have a number of groups (admittedly small in membership and overlapping), the Liberals a few, the NDP none, and the Conservatives, the 2nd party in the riding, none. (I must admit that a Tim Peterson group did exist at one point, I would reckon many defeated candidates in elections deleted the groups)

Given that most political Facebook groups are either deliberately created by the central association, or spontaneously by supporters, I can draw two conclusions about the Conservatives: The central association is either too out of touch to realize the usefulness of Facebook as a tool, or the membership is too out of touch or apathetic to create one. Given the relative slant of Conservative membership to lean towards old white people, at first it doesn't shock me that no groups exist. But then I realize-The MS Conservatives are smack in the middle of a nomination race, and no candidate has a group that could be easily found by simply searching the riding name.

While the Conservatives make no secret of the dislike they have for the youth vote, particularly youth in urban/suburban areas, (and I'm not just talking out my ass on this one, when Ian Brodie came in to talk to my class at the end of last semester, he dismissed much Liberal support as coming from "young people with no particular responsibility") to not take advantage of Facebook in a riding where on paper, they have a good shot, shows that perhaps the Conservatives, (and more specifically Jim Flaherty) given the attacks on the provincial Liberals (who Mississauga voters gave overwhelming support to in the election) and the municipal government led by Hazel McCallion (for whom 90% of the vote can be expected) are perhaps going to write this city, and this riding off.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot what University or College was in Mississauga South that the Conservatives needed a Facebook Group to reach out for?

If you feel a party with the most facebook groups is going to win the next election, I find your strategy very interesting and laughable at best.

The Liberal Bag said...

Obviously I'm not saying the most facebook groups win, otherwise it would have be a Green sweep. I just find it telling that the Conservatives have neglected what is considered a modern part of campaigning.

And to answer your question, no Uni or College is within the borders of MS, but a very large numbers of student at UTM and other GTA universities live in the riding.

Alan said...

Did you say the Mississauga NDP had no facebook groups? There seems to be a link to at least one in your own post.

Anonymous said...

Mississauga South young conservatives have long been the envy of other parties. We used to line the streets for Margaret Marland. Too bad the new folks are not on facebook but they can still get out the vote!