Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Multiculturalism in Mississauga


The program in the article which the Ontario Liberal government funds is a very good example of making multiculturalism work. It is interesting to compare Liberal governments, both past and present, federal and provincial, to welcoming newcomers, and helping them settle. The success of multiculturalism as a policy, and investment in it, is embodied in Mississauga, which was once a mere collection of WASP'y outcroppings in the West GTA, into a strong, multicultural unit, and one of the more vibrant suburbs in the country (well, as vibrant as suburbs can be). With the immigration file emerging as a possible election issue, this is a good time for reflection on what immigration and multiculturalism has done for the City of Mississauga.

Oh, the Conservatives had a little fest in the city as well, for appointed (and local association splitting-gee, a Conservative appointee causing trouble for the association in Mississauga? Sounds familiar) Mississauga East-Cooksville candidate Melissa Bhagat, which I would have loved to crash and ask the guest of honour, Jason Kenney, about what we felt the contribution of "overheated Sikhs" to the Mississauga community.

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