Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mississauga South MP Paul Szabo: "Election Before Summer"


John Stewart with another good scoop.

Mississauga South Liberal MP Paul Szabo thinks there will be a federal election "before the summer."Asked how much longer this amazing minority government of Stephen Harper's can continue to breathe, Szabo issued a sigh down the telephone line from the House of Commons this morning and said, "It's hitting a critical mass."

"I like our team," says the chartered accountant turned politico. "As far as I know, our platform is very solid."

With a statement like this from the hardest working MP in Parliament, interesting to see if the Mississauga South Conservatives, whose nomination race could more accurately at this point be described as a test of endurance, move into high gear. Or this could simply be Szabo, who is an excellent campaigner, being crafty and trying to throw the oppposition off in a seat he only won by 4% in 2006. With Effie responding to my blog post earlier with an e-mail to Stewart saying she hadn't been approached, or wasn't pursuing the federal nomination (although it was hardly a Sherman statement) I really don't know who is the presumed front-runner in the Conservative race. Don Stephens is the only candidate with real name recognition, although he has made some controversial statements regarding the place of religion in public schools, which might hurt him if he were to win the nomination. Either way, it looks like Szabo is gathering his resources, throwing out quotes like these, and hunkering down, while the Conservatives are spinning their wheels. Call me crazy, but I'll give an early edge to Szabo.

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