Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mississauga South Conservative website- just a bit odd?

I just checked the Mississauga South federal association website, and this is the front page:

Now I don't exactly check the website often (particularly as long as no news develops on the nomination race), but doesn't this look kinda...odd? A couple random declarations that "Stevie Harper is a cool guy!" and that "Stephanie (sic) Dion is a wimp". Either the website got hacked, and the webmaster doesn't care/notice, (which given the MSC's lack of Facebook presence, would fit in the trend of Internet apathy) or this is the actual quality of the website. Either way, doesn't bode so well for whoever ends up getting the nod, wonder if they will use the same webmaster?


Anonymous said...

at 2pm it's still up:


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