Saturday, January 16, 2010 NDP candidate Cathy Crowe takes a page out of Pamela Taylor's book

I blogged earlier about Pamela Taylor's classless remarks at her nomination meeting that implied that Glen Murray was unfit to be Toronto Centre MPP because he hadn't lived in the area for long, and that he wasn't a " proud Torontonian."

To counter this snide remark, Glen Murray set up a section of his website, , to demonstrate that to be a proud Torontonian, and a proud citizen of Ontario means it doesn't matter if you are new to Toronto, a city where 49% of the population was born outside Canada, and a majority was born outside the city.

Little did I expect NDP candidate Cathy Crowe to echo Pamela Taylor's comments. In a news article attacking Murray on her website, Crowe suggests that "I guess Glen Murray hasn’t lived in Toronto long enough"

Cathy Crowe has a long and respectable record as an activist and advocate, but this quote demonstrates that the NDP is just a happy to play dirty politics and sing from the same fear-mongering songbook as the Tim Hudak PC's. Ms. Crowe may want to run on the "real issues", but the NDP has no interest in anything but cheap shots.

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Volkov said...

It truly is a sad sight when the NDP take a page out of the Tory book.

Glen has this all but wrapped up - Taylor and Crowe made a big mistake taking on the pride of Torontonians in this way.