Saturday, January 16, 2010 Glen Murray's classy response to Pamela Taylor's classless comments

Toronto Centre PC candidate Pamela Taylor said at her nomination meeting that "Unlike some other candidates, I'm a proud Torontonian. I'm asking you to vote local."

49% of the population of Toronto wasn't born in Canada, and a majority of the population was born outside the city. Taylor's remarks showed just how out of touch and insensitive the Tim Hudak PC's are to both new Canadians, and the vibrant urban centres many of them call home.

In response to Taylor's comments, the Glen Murray campaign has set up, an innovate website that allows grassroots citizens of Toronto to tell the story of the Toronto they know, be they life-long residents or new Canadians. Glen Murray and the Ontario Liberal Party understand that to be an Ontarian, it doesn't matter where you are from, it matters what you can do for the province of Ontario, and help your fellow citizens. Pamela Taylor's comments are a clear sign that the Ontario PC's under Tim Hudak are once again the "nasty party", seeking room for growth not by appealing for a vision of a better Ontario, but by appealing to fear, by appealing to opportunism, by appealing to cynicism.

If you are from Toronto, send a message to and show the world that Ontario Liberals are the party of hope in a better future for all citizens, not the party that seeks political gain by dividing our province with cheap politics.

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