Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pam Taylor on "Change"

PC leader Tim Hudak announced that 2007 candidate Pam Taylor will indeed be running for the PC's in the Toronto Centre by-election. In her candidate statement, Pam Taylor says she wants to bring "real change" to Toronto Centre. However, the only thing that Pam Taylor and the PC's offer in terms of "change" for Toronto Centre is her flop-flopping on social positions and running for an Ontario PC Party that wants to move Toronto Centre and Ontario backwards.

Let's review:

In 2007, Pam Taylor said "This party has absolutely nothing to do with [former Conservative premier] Mike Harris," she insists. "I would not have been knocking on doors for Mike Harris."

In 2010, Pam Taylor is running for a PC Party lead by the Mike Harris endorsed Tim Hudak, who proudly sat in the Harris cabinet when our schools were being shut down and our water was being polluted.

In 2007, Pam Taylor said Part of our strategy now is to be inclusive."

In 2010, Pam Taylor is now running for the Mike Harris 2.0 Tim Hudak PC's, who want to disband the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and put the rights of vulnerable citizens at risk. Tim Hudak voted for Bill 91 in 1996, which would have greatly interfered with a woman's right to choose.

In 2007, Pam Taylor said in regards to protecting GLBTQ youth schools should educate students about queer realities.

"We need education within education," she says. "Most of the behaviour we see that we find regrettable comes from ignorance. We need to have part of curriculum be a place to talk about these issues.

In 2010, Pam Taylor is running for the Tim Hudak PC's, when Tim Hudak was part of the Harris government that attacked our public schools and brought education in this province to the brink. Tim Hudak was a loud supporter of faith-based funding for private schools.

In 2007, Pam Taylor had this to say about trans rights: "I would like to see the addition of language to the Human Rights Code to protect the trans group," she says. "As for surgery, everything I have heard suggests it should be supported. The party hasn't taken a stand but in terms of relisting the cost of each surgery may be high but the numbers are low. You can't listen to the stories and not feel compassion. There was something inherently unfair about the delisting....We will need better long-term care, better drug plans. The trans population may need separate facilities."

In 2010, Pam Taylor is running for the Tim Hudak PC's, when Tim Hudak was part of the PC government that de-listed surgery. Tim Hudak is not only against adding trans rights to the Human Rights Code, he wants to abolish the Human Rights Tribunal.

In 2007, Pam Taylor said "We don't play favourites...The hallmark is compassion and inclusiveness"

In 2010, Pam Taylor is running for Tim Hudak, who was endorsed by Randy Hillier for leader. Hillier called the openly gay former MPP for Toronto Centre, George Smitherman, the anti-gay slur "bugger" during a debate. In Randy Hillier's and Tim Hudak's Ontario, public funded health care professionals would be able to reject providing public health services to the citizens of Ontario based on their own moral prejudice, and have tax-payer funded marriage commissioners to refuse services to same sex couples, a slap in the face to established equal marriage law. Hillier's leadership bid was managed by social conservative activist Tristan Emmanuel, who is in favour of the death penalty for eleven-year olds, organized a Canadians who Bush rally, which Tim Hudak attended, described gay men as "sexual deviants", and homosexuality as "the wrong choice, a bad choice", described Islam as being "as far from peace, as hell is from heaven". Hillier's reward for his 18th century views? Being named the PC Labour critic, giving him a platform to vent his homophobic views.

When Tim Hudak and Pam Taylor talk about "change" for Toronto Centre, what do they really mean?

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