Saturday, January 2, 2010

US study finds no impacts on property values from windmills: A boost for the Green Energy Act

Those who are opposed to the Green Energy Act (read: climate change denying PC's) have been hoping to damage the bold venture by relying on NIMBYism, the idea that people might be in favour of green energy tools like windmills on paper, but "not in my backyard". It is of supreme irony that NIMBYism was once in part associated with the environmental movement, but now has been hijacked by the other side of the debate. One of the trump cards of the anti-green energy movement has been the supposed impact of things like wind farms on local property values, and this in-depth report really takes apart this flawed concept. The report is well written and can easily be read by non-experts, so I think everyone who is interested in green energy development and programs should take a read.

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