Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I really really like Keith Martin

Two great articles, one about Martin's effort to decriminalize marijuana, and one by Martin about the future of Canadian healthcare. I could not agree more with both articles:


Anonymous said...

I agree with him and he is a doctor.
My own doctor say he believes it should be decriminalized, espdcially for the sick.

Dan said...

Agree with him on marijuana, not health care. What he doesn't seem to get is that all those European countries he praises have ALWAYS had two-tier health care operating side by side.

The case of Australia shows that when you introduce two-tier health care into a previously all public system, wait times in the public system increase dramatically and the public system decreases in the quality of it's care as the best doctors get wooed away.

Do you have ANY evidence that this doesn't happen from ANYWHERE that previously had a single-tier public system and that moved to two-tier?