Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another conservative-sepratist coalition?

With lots of talk around the BQ throwing the Tories a line on the federal level recently, this story is particularly interesting:

To counteract the schedule for Jean Charest who was clearly prepared to trigger elections on December 8, the ADQ had an amazing draw for the PQ in its plan. Mario Dumont and Pauline Marois would go see the Lieutenant-Governor Pierre Duchesne, to say that the formations holding the majority in the House allied to form a coalition government, which Pauline Marois would be the first minister.

The timing, of course, is hilarious. While Harper burned bridges in Quebec thanks to a terrible run-ADQ staffed campaign, and then attack ther coalition for having a support agreement with the Bloc Quebecois, (not giving them a veto over any policy, as Harper spun it) the very same Conservative-supporting ADQ was fully prepared to enter into a formal coalition that would have resulted in a Parti Quebecois led government. The Harpercrites strike again.

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