Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another cabinet minister oops

Jason Kenney has been using his position as Immigration Minister as a bully pulpit to help establish a run for Conservative leadership, whenever Harper leaves/is shoved out, but you would hope a minister of Immigration would at least pretend to be familiar with the citizenship test before shooting his mouth off again.

The minister said the information booklet that leads to the citizenship test has a page on recycling, but he said he doesn't recall seeing one paragraph on Confederation.

Err, not quite, Jason.

Maybe if Minister Kenney spent more time actually paying attention to the needs of New Canadians, and his world-view of multiculturalism extended beyond paying attention to a few select groups who have been targeted for Tory votes, and spent more time actually trying to help build a better Canada, for New Canadians and old, he wouldn't be caught so flat-footing.
But hey, we've got a science minister who doesn't believe in science, so an immigration minister who couldn't pass the citizenship test isn't a huge shock I guess.


Big Winnie said...

Kenney got confused because there was more than 1 paragraph about Confederation.

Either that or he was referring to the Pre-Confederation booklet his and Flaherty's relatives received when they arrived in Canada.

kirbycairo said...

Excellent post - Kenny is a bullying windbag.