Thursday, April 30, 2009

YLC Race

I have mostly stayed out of the YLC races so far, nothing personal against any candidate running for any position, but I simply had other things going on in my life.

I'm not going to be in Vancouver, however, with the vote coming up very soon, I feel that as a Young Liberal, I should contribute to the process as much as I can, and in that spirit, I endorse the candidate I believe can contribute the most to the process of building the Young Liberals of Canada for the next election and beyond: John Lennard.

I believe John Lennard's focus on building the commission's numbers, attracting youth with real policies and real activism, is the way to go for the YLC. John Lennard's vision of a vibrant YLC within a strong party is the same vision I have for putting liberalism at the forefront of youth politics in this country.

Specifically, Lennard's courage and enthusiastic support of OMOV makes me believe he does more than talk the talk on party and commission renewal, he walks the walk.

From here in Mississauga, I encourage all delegates to cast a vote for John Lennard for President of the Young Liberals of Canada.

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