Monday, September 29, 2008

NDP refuses to dump 9/11 conspiracy theorist candidate

The Liberals made the right decision in ditching a candidate recently who had made incorrect remarks regarding 9/11. It demonstrated the leadership of Dion, who didn't hesitate to get rid of a candidate who brought disgrace to the Liberal name, as well as re-enforcing the status of the Liberal Party as a party of the progressive mainstream.

Jack Layton's NDP, however, cannot say the same.

I've written a couple blog posts now about Bev Collins, and how shameful it is that the party of Tommy Douglas and Ed Broadbent has, under Jack Layton, become an entryist target for every non-mainstream leftist movement, from radical pot activists, to nudists, to 9/11 truthers. The failure of Jack Layton to remove Collins as an NDP candidate demonstrates the true hidden agenda of Jack Layton. As much as we Liberals attack the Conservatives for hiding a true, radical right message under the blue vest of Harper, we must also realize that the NDP has a just as radical, and just as frightening hidden agenda for Canada. Layton says of Collins:

""She has acknowledged that the attack was a terrorist attack, and she hasn't made any attacks against any particular group or element of our society," NDP Leader Jack Layton said in her defence. "I'm satisfied with that."

Interesting. Lets look at this pamphlet from the Canadian Action Party issued while Collins was party president:

Do you believe we should be formulating domestic and foreign policy on the basis of the highly suspect US government story of 9/11 or should we demand a new and open investigation?

(this one is great because it attacks Jack Layton as a supporter of the SPP and "NAU")

What are the differences between the mainstream parties? They have all accepted the completely unproven “official story” of 9/11 as a pretext for a sweeping attack on our civil liberties. They are all complicitly silent as bureaucratic, military and corporate players use the same 9/11 pretext to surrender the last shreds of our sovereignty to US military and corporate interests.

And from Collins pen itself:

While Bush and Cheney are trying to prevent impeachment proceedings against them, there are talks of terrorist attacks hitting America this summer from Michael Chertoff head of Homeland Security and Republican Rick Santorum,. Another false flag terror attack, to bring about this merging of Canada, US and Mexico?

This is pretty clear evidence that Collins did in fact, harbour vicious conspiratorial views, and at the very least, proclaimed a clearly unparliamentary attitude towards our ally and friend, the United States. The failure of Jack Layton to remove her speaks volumes about the radicalism in the NDP which has prospered under his leadership. Actions like these betray the illusion that the NDP is a contender for power, or anything more then a protest vote.

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