Friday, September 5, 2008

Don't Invest In Hugh Arrison

Jim Flaherty, having just dodged a bullet with Mississauga native Buzz Hargrove saying he won't run for the Liberals against Flaherty, looks set to come to town just after the drop of the writ, to fundraise for Mississauga South Conservative candidate Hugh Arrison at the tune of $250 a pop. Flaherty endorsed Arrison as soon as he won the nomination, and according to Arrison, a meeting with Flaherty convinced him to stay in the nomination race back when party HQ was still waiting for a star candidate. Given that Flaherty has spent most of his time as Finance Minister attacking Ontario (and indeed, sometimes Mississauga) directly, I can't help but wonder what kind of rhetoric Arrison will use in his election, given that he is a Flaherty loyalist: "Vote for Me, and the Conservatives won't invest in Mississauga!" The voters of Mississauga South would be better off not investing in Hugh Arrison.

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