Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tories advertise for the Greens

We've all seen the new image on the Tory website, with Harper talking intently to a young man in a Tim Hortons. Why, this young man, who seems so earnest and clean cut, must be a Tory! Particularly, if he is on the Tory website. I mean, you wouldn't think the Conservatives would be so stupid as to put a non Conservative supporter on the front banner, do you?

Well, given the Conservatives' skill at handling things like the economy, th , it shouldn't be a surprise that the Liberal Bag can tell you that the "Coffee Man" is not, in fact a Conservative hack. He is, in fact, my good friend Chris, the President of the Carleton University Young Greens.

Chris was campaigning to get funding for a community project in Labrador. Harper happened to cross paths with him at a local Tim Hortons, bought him coffee, and listened to Chris about the project. Chris said that Harper listened to him, while the staffers took a bunch of pictures, and then Harper got out of Labrador, never to be seen again.

So there you go, The Harper Conservatives: Strong Leadership, weak fact checking.


Anonymous said...

How interesting. I had assumed he was a Conservative. Perhaps you should suggest to your friend, Chris, that he sue Harper for "misappropriation of personality".

Although Harper has sued for misappropriation of personality based on the Liberals linking to a tape which is Harper's voice, the usual use for this legal term is when you use someone's image, without getting their permission, and connect them with a product they do not wish to be connected with. I think Chris would have a strong case!

Tory@York said...

How is this a bad thing for Harper? It shows that Harper is willing to sit there and listen to the viewpoints of others. Would you prefer that he just sit there with a bunch of like-minded supporters?

Anonymous said...

Okay, if the young man doesn't mind having his picture used this way and having people assume he supports Harper (which is what I thought, since Harper brought it out for his election campaign, to try to put a "younger face" on the Conservative website.) Also, if Harper actually did listen to the viewpoints of that young man and other he would not be trying to block having Elizabeth May included in the debates.