Saturday, February 23, 2008

Because "leadership" is rigging your own review

As a Liberal, I really have no strong opinion either way on if Tory stays or goes, but I do think that John Tory and the PC establishment willingness to not just bend, but openly break party rules and ignore the will of party members speaks volumes about the character of Tory. The CTV article has a quote from an anti-Tory delegate from Mississauga:

Roland Willis, a Mississauga lawyer and delegate, said it's time for Tory to step aside.
"Please go away,'' Willis said. "Please don't bother our party anymore ... He's incompetent. He's an incompetent leader.''

I would be shocked if any Mississauga PC supported Tory at this point, given that his election campaign resulted in hammering losses for the the PC's across a city which used to be good ground for them. But Mississauga PC's, particularly in my home riding of Mississauga South, already know all about being ignored and overruled by John Tory and the PC establishment:

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