Thursday, February 14, 2008

PQ shows intolerance again

I love some of the irony of the quotes here:

""If the Parti Québécois entrenches these positions, it would be a catastrophe for us because history has perfectly shown us that when bilingualism is adopted in a minority society, the language of the majority sooner or later becomes everyone's language"

The day all Quebeckers become bilingual is the day Quebeckers will become English, Mr. Michaud said.

"A people that tolerates that 8 per cent of its minority, whose rights I respect, assimilates 50 per cent of immigrants on its territory - well, that people does not deserve to live"

Now lets take a look at some info about that wonderful, Reform Party endorsing group, the Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada.

"the group was involved in a campaign to have Ontario municipalities declare themselves English-only"

"While the act did not apply to municipal government services, APEC represented it as a slippery slope towards such a requirement to convince municipalities to pass English-only resolutions."

As well, the book Bilingual Today, French tomorrow, written by an APEC member:

"alleged that Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's policy of official bilingualism was a plot to make Canada a unilingually francophone country by instituting reverse discrimination against anglophone Canadians."

"including reversion to having English as the sole official language with Quebec retaining its previous language rights, conversion of Canada in its entirety to English (even Quebec), and secession of Quebec from Canada with the remainder of Canada consequently adopting English as its sole official language"

Conservatives and the Quebec soverigntist movement get along quite naturally, they both have shared interests in cultural protectionist and intolerance. The Liberal Party, both provincially and federally in Quebec must show itself as the modern secular party of multicultual tolerance.

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