Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sad state of Mississauga Conservatives

I was just reading the Mississauga News website when this: caught my eye. While ultimately whoever wins the nomination is more or less pointless (Mississauga East-Cooksville is a safe Liberal seat and Albina Guarnieri is a very entrenched incumbent) that Conservative HQ is so fast to want to appoint a party switcher to the protest of the grassroots brings to mind every ones favourite floor crossers, Tim Peterson and Wajid Khan. Seriously, can the Conservatives have a home-grown candidate in Mississauga for once rather than an ex Liberal opportunist? Interesting to see if when the election finally does come if any Peterson-style backlash hits the ME-C Conservatives.


MississaugaJoan said...

Albina is a shoe in even if Harper ran in the riding himself. Even Saint Hazel would have a problem unseating Albina.

The Liberal Bag said...

She's been around forever, has served in cabinet, and has a very strong machine, she'll have that seat for as long as she wants.