Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Layton's NDP joins Conservative fear mongering

Jack Layton, whose record as NDP leader is largely one of doing the Conservatives work for them, and selling out progressive Canadian values whenever he thinks he has a chance to damage the Liberals, for the benefit of the Conservatives, continues his track record by jumping on the Harper bandwagon on the face veil issue.

Chalk this one up either to Layton's desire to kowtow to Quebec and further minimal gains made there, or simply to take a policy opposed to the Liberals, but the NDP has unabashedly jumped on this bandwagon since the start. While I have never considered myself an NDP supporter, I think it is unfortunate that the NDP under Layton has largely moved away from representing the interests of the working class, back when it was the party of Tommy Douglas, and is now a party of divisive identity politics and jumping on whatever left-wing cause is fashionable, as it is now the party of Jack Layton's ego.

The Liberals admittedly failed to take a strong stand on this issue the last time, this time the Liberals must take a clear stand in defense of the Canadian traditions of rights and multiculturalism, to show Canadians they are the true voice of progressive Canadians.

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