Saturday, November 17, 2007

Progressive Canadian Party all but merges with the Liberals

Well, this is interesting. As the article points out, the Progressive Canadians are hardly an electoral force, but this move, with the Liberals and Conservatives in a tie poll-wise, is a propaganda coup. Given the emergence of the Mulroney-Schreiber scandal, it is interesting to draw the differences in the legacies of the Progressive Conservative Party that have been inherited by the Liberals and Conservatives. The Liberals inherited the traditional Red Tory emphasis on national unity, social cohesion and progress, while the Conservatives have inherited the Mulroney sleaze. I wouldn't be surprised to see Parsons and Love be candidates in the next election.

Some choice quotes:

“As a political party you are always trying to find your differentiators [with other parties] and I found that when Stéphane Dion became the leader of the Liberal Party that that differentiator was harder and harder to locate.”

"He had a lot of the same visions for the country that we had. And, of course, the Liberal Party has sort of moved into that Progressive Conservative space anyway.”

Senator Marie Poulin, the president of the federal Liberal Party, said the Liberals take the new arrivals as evidence of their leader's broad appeal to Canadians of many political backgrounds.


Manuel said...

Thats strange, of all the things I've thought about the Liberal party, Progessive conservative is probably the last.

Anonymous said...

Dion is more to the left than the Libs center, but he has embraced the economic models which help pay for the programs of the left. I can see the combined economic prosperity plan with the more left-leaning social values might suit these conservatives more than the Harper-Conservatives would. After all, they likely rejected the Alliance merger due to differences on the latter -- social values.

Anonymous said...

With David Orchard on board, these remnants of the old PC would be on board quite soon.

The Grits would welcome Catherine Clark if she chooses to run anywhere.

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That there are those who were members of the P.C. Party of Canada finding themselves drawn to working within the Liberal Party is nothing new.

David Orchard, those following his lead and others chose to do so last year They played a role in electing Stephane Dion Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. It may be Stephane will be able to alter the pattern of his Party from following its categorical imperative, that of power at any cost, which has been the hallmark of its actions.

Dion and those supporting him must be wished well in achieving this for the good of our country. That they will succeed is not at all certain.

What is certain is that the Gloria Galloway's article below is accurate should those who held the positions necessary for recognition by Elections Canada be considered the "entire executive". They en masse have resigned from the PC Party and become Liberals.

The person holding the position of National Co-ordinator, myself, did not. Rather than joining the exodus meetings with those "senior members of the party" believing in a continuing purpose being served by having a progressive- conservative party in the arena of Canada wide politics were called
together and filled the vacated positions of Leader, President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chair of the Macdonald-Cartier Fund on an interim basis to meet the requirements of Elections Canada.

Contact with Elections Canada was made this week ensuring the transmission from one executive to another is made. Those Gloria Galloway terms "Key members" were so, they are no longer. The undertaking of offering a positive option to Canadians continues with more zest than in recent months.

Joe Hueglin
National Co-ordinator
Progressive Canadian(PC) Party

whistleblower said...

One of the main drivers of the 'Progressive Canadian' Party, and a good friend of Stevens, is Mr. Farsad Kiani, of Toronto.

In 2003 he posted the names of many of his employees in a so-called petition against the amalgamation of the Reform and Conservaties.

Trouble was, he didn't even ask these employees if they would give him their permission.

My name appeared and I was actually totally for the amalgamation. I had to threaten Stevens with a lawsuit before my name was removed.

So, what is Mr. Kiani up to now?
Well, he and his companies are still under investigation by the FBI for alleged breaches of ITAR and fraud.

In January 2008 he is having to appear in courts in both Utah and San Antonio, Texas, defending his Company 'Ensil International' from multi-million $ lawsuits for allegedly taking this money for equipment his company had 'repaired' but had not.

I think he is going to be a little too busy to further corrupt Canadian Politics for a while.