Friday, November 23, 2007

Mark Warner and Bob Rae's fundraiser

I've written about the disconnect and outright hostility of the Conservatives to Canada's urban areas, and so this is not that surprising to me.

While Warner states his attending of a Rae event should not be seen as an endorsement, a man of Mr. Warner's intelligence of course realizes that it will be broadly seen as one. Warner, while he was a candidate, ran a localized campaign, on issues of relevant to the people of Toronto Centre. However, issues like poverty, equality, and opportunity don't mesh well with the current Harper Conservative platform and strategy, which is more focused on throwing potentially billions of dollars down the drain in an unneeded drug war, abandoning Canadians on death row, and borderline unconstitutional crime bills. That Warner's "endorsement" comes on the heels of the defection of the Progressive Canadians comes as no surprise, and should be a sign to dissafected Red Tories that they do, again, have a political home from which to work towards a moderate agenda.

After all that talk on Red Tories being said, I urge Liberals in Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River to vote against David Orchard.


Anonymous said...

What did Orchard do, to get you so mad? He is not a Harper fellow so what is wrong..the newspapers do not say anything.

Marjaleena Repo said...

Did you actually mean what you said, that Liberals should vote AGAINST David Orchard? If you meant it, please bring out in the open your reasons.