Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bonnie Crombie is feeling pretty good right now

Not exactly a great run of luck for Liberal-turned-Conservative floor crossers in Mississauga, is it?

First Tim Peterson gets smashed by Sousa, and now Wajid Khan (who I just mentioned in a blog post the other day, even) is stepping aside from the Conservatives after being charged with violating the Elections Canada Act. While the accusations do date from when he ran as a Liberal, the obvious focus now must be on the contrast between Khan and Bonnie Crombie, the Liberal candidate for the next election. (Which could be as soon as Feburary, if rumours are true) A local entrepreneur and community leader/activist, I fully expect Bonnie to be able to win Mississauga-Streetsville against whoever the Conservative candidate is, Khan or no Khan.

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