Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dalton's Leadership

So far I've been impressed with the tone of the Liberal re-election campaign. Faced with accusations of "broken promises", the Liberals and Dalton McGuinty have responded with openess and honesty, rather than attempt to gloss over percieved weaknesses, which has been the backbone of the John Tory Conservative campaign. When Tory has shifted blame and attacked the media for daring to compare his platform to Mike Harris, Dalton's platform was fully costed out and planned before the election. When Tory has pledged to introduce segregated schools and two-tier heath care, Dalton has stood up and defended our inclusive public education system, and investments in heath care after 4 years of Conservative mismanagement. Now Dalton is calling on John Tory to display some of his supposedly vaunted leadership, and discuss actual policy planks in his platform. Expect either no response at all, or a typical glossy "NegaTory" attack of Dalton. Leadership does matter. Only one of the two men who can possibly be Premier on Oct 10th is displaying any, and it's not the one who puts "Leadership" on his campaign signs.

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