Thursday, September 27, 2007

2% Tim!

According to the daily record of Votes and Proceedings, available publicly on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario’s website:

Tim Peterson had the fourth worst voting record in the Legislature.His overall voting attendance – 176 of 470 votes or 37%!

There were 33 days of meetings between the day Tim crossed the floor (March 29) and the last day (June 4). In those 33 days there were 62 votes. Mr. Peterson participated in one vote on the last day of the session (June 4).

You heard correct. As an Independent member, Mr. Peterson participated in one of 62 votes (2%).

2% TIM!

The good people of Mississauga South (myself included) are going to reject Tim Peterson's floor crossing, irresponsible ways on Oct 10.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Will you douche, if you had explained this to me on Monday, I would've gotten it.
All you had to say was "The floor-crossing bastard voted once out of sixty-two possible times!" and I would have replied "Ah, yes, now I understand this joke."