Monday, September 24, 2007

"NegaTory" and "HoJo" continues lack of leadership, energy edition

So John Tory is continuing his relentlessly negative campaign, and after putting out ads more or less accusing Dalton of murdering every child in Ontario, now he is attacking the Liberals energy record and plans. The Liberal plan for energy supply is one of balance and moderation, which ensures that Ontario has both green and effective power, and that we can remain a net exporter of power. Howard Hampton on the other hand, wants to phase out nuclear power (read: protect his voter base from the Greens) removing 50% of our energy supplies and create a massive make-work program for his home area in the form of a non-profit hydro corporation. The Conservatives, on the other hand, would like to work around federal environmental legislation, and push for more and more nuclear power, while being critical of the Liberal record on the nuclear file. Of course, the real kicker of Tory's power platform comes from 24 Hours this morning:

"Details of the Conservative plan were scant. Tory wouldn't say how much nuclear power the province should have or how we planned to dispose of the radioactive waste."

Par for the course for NegaTory, attack, attack, attack, but pray no one dares to ask policy questions. Of course, he did work on Kim Campbell's campaign, which in addition to airing the most vile political attack ad ever (green lighted by Tory himself), gave us the famous "Elections are no time to discuss policy" quote. Seems Tory hasn't changed gears much since 1993.

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