Saturday, September 29, 2007

Conservatives placing ideology above objective facts: Canada does not need a war on drugs

The Conservatives are fully prepared to overlook the positives that out come out of places like the Vancouver's Insite safe injection clinic, and the lesser load on the criminal justice system that comes from liberal drug policies, in the face of kow-towing to social conservatism and American style rhetoric. This is an issue that the Liberals, should pounce on, particularly given the background and experience of a man like Dr. Keith Martin.


Anonymous said...

It does not make sense to have a law against illegal drugs and not enforce it. If one is against enforcement of this law, then he or she should campaign to have it changed.

wilson said...

The insite 'pilot project' was funded by the Feds as research, for a predetermined time limit.
The report is in, and if a worthy project, the Provincial govt can ask BC taxpayers to continue it.

Healthcare is a Provincial jurisdiction. period.

If the end result is truly a savings of healthcare/policing dollars than Gordon Campbell will take on the program continuation. period.

Oldschool said...

The "Safe-injection site" seems to have attracted every druggie from the west of Toronto to Vancouver's east side. This has nothing to do with rehab or saving these folks, it is all about "Enabling" them to continue in their habits.
The crime-rate in East Van rivals that of Detroit and LA.
Enabling people to continue to destroy themselves is just plain "NUTS" . . . if they are in jail or a long-term rehabilitation project that drys them out and teaches them a job skill . . . makes more sense.
Of course you have the lefty politicos that are against that . . . cause they would have to move away from their friends on the east side . . . . what logic!!