Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Conservative "grassroots" are astroturf

This is comedic, the Conservatives are now telling the grassroots what they can and cannot say. The most interesting development of the conservative movement in this country is that it has moved from the populism and promises of a more free Parliament of Preston Manning:

To the "all the Leader, all the time" approach of the Conservatives, whose fear factory tactics and intolerance for democratic policy debate now extends to the grassroots themselves. Harper has declared war on everything he can't control, from the Senate to provincial budgets, with this move, he has declared war on, and put a leash around, his own card-carrying supporters.


Anonymous said...

Nice spin...get a grip.

Trevor said...

Go to the liberal.ca website, click on 'take action' and then 'speak out'. You will see a page with various ways the Libs want you to help them. At the bottom is "Call your local radio station", click on that link.

What's this???

A pop up window appears with various radio stations, times and phone numbers that you can call. You might also notice a tab up top that says "Tips on Calling", be sure to click on that too.

The Liberal Bag said...

I have clicked those tabs, and called into radio stations before. The article correctly points out both the Liberals and NDP do have tips on the website on effectively using talk radio. But these are just tips on how to best utilize your own personal opinions, not talking points dictating what you should and should not say, ala Mark Warner. This is simply another example of the extreme attempts of the Conservative government to control messaging.

Trevor said...

"Check our newsroom to find information about the Liberal position on today’s issues."

It's the same thing, only difference is the Conservative site is more organized.

Anonymous said...

Hey trev,
clicked on all that stuff and sure enough I found all that info, but what I didn't find were any scripted answers.

Nice try though.

burlivespipe said...

Don't blame Trevor, he's just following deployment script #324, alternatively called 'Turning our lies into their Untruths.'
A groundhog problem? I'm seeing a weasel problem, and they've all got blue stripes down their back (and bleet the same thing over and over again)...
That's how Mao, Stalin and Castro all like it. So how can you CONs defend it?

wilson said...

This spin is amusing.
How is clicking onto the Conservative list of accomplishments a written 'script' or telling Cons grassroots what it 'can't' say?

The Cons website is superior to the Libs. From one page you can buy, donate, and check out the Conservative position on the issues.
If libs had a position that didn't change daily......

Get a grip Libs, and get into the game on the internet.

snooze and you lose.