Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Liberal Bag is mildly famous


After Conservative Party of Canada President Don Plett gave his keynote speech at the recent meeting of the Mississauga South federal association and disappointed many by not specifying a nomination date, speculation about a possible "star" candidate waiting in the wings ramped up significantly.Mississauga South university student William Norman, originally from the City, speculated at his www.theliberalbag.blogspot.com/ site that Effie Triantafilopoulous might be in line for an appointment.To which Effie replied in an email: "I have not been approached by the party nor am I pursuing it. Just idle speculation."

Well Effie, I'll openly admit it was idle speculation. Also I am laughing that my little blog has managed to have even a tiny effect on the politics of Mississauga South. Anyway, the other thing Stewart touches on in this blog posting is also of interest to Mississauga, specifically the ongoing adventures of the other Mississauga riding to have a floor crossing, Mississauga-Streetsville.

Yesterday, Crombie's spouse Brian — who was the co-chair of the highly-successful Mississauga summit late last year — was named as one of four senior officers at Mississauga's Biovail Corp. who are the subject of serious allegations of misrepresentation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission.Crombie is the former chief financial officer at Biovail who has long worked with its founder Eugene Melnyk. The charges have not been proven, of course, and Crombie and Melnyk have both declared their innocence and vowed to fight the charges. Nonetheless, the timing for a political spouse simply could not be worse.

Due to Melnyk's relationship with the Ottawa Senators, this incident has gotten quite a bit of press up in Ottawa, but I was unaware of Bonnie Crombie's husband's relationship. I ultimately don't think this will effect Crombie much. Khan himself both broke a law specifically related to our democracy, and subverted the will of the people of Mississauga-Streetsville by crossing the floor, while Bonnie herself is not directly involved in this, and is building herself up a nice profile within the community, in a city which is turning increasingly Liberal-safe. I'm still calling Mississauga Streetsville an easy Liberal pick-up.

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Alan said...

Leave it to Tory bloggers to dig deep into the muck to find something in order to sabotage the reputation of a respectable Liberal candidate. What Brian Crombie's problems are, they are his problems, and have no relation to the character of his spouse. They are two different people, and I am sure Bonnie will make a fine MP for Streetsville.