Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, I'm doing some mail-in ballot scrutineering (so I guess thats what I can say I am doing to help the Liberal Party of Canada) up here in Ottawa, but here are some of my predictions:

-Lower than normal (even for a by-election) turnout in all 4 ridings

-Willowdale, Vancouver Quadra, and Toronto Centre all easy Liberal holds, DMCR is too close to call, but I am going to go out on a limb and say the Conservatives take this one

-Liberal margin of victory averages around 10-15%

-The Greens do well in Vancouver Quadra and Toronto Centre, finishing 3rd in both races

-All elected Liberals go to the front bench (Rae is already there)

-Gives us a nice little boost in the polls, but nothing dramatic

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Anonymous said...

Media makes big news about Bob Rae.....funny in footage I just watched most people he was trying to shake hands with gave him the FINGER..