Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Because "leadership" is flip-flopping on your central campaign theme


"In Guelph last Monday, Mr. Tory said: "It's obviously an important element of our platform and I would expect that people will support what's in our platform. It's do what you said you would do."

That was then.

"MPPs will be allowed a free so that they are at liberty to vote their conscience and represent the wishes of their constituents...Through this free vote, in this significant way, the public can be more involved in the decision making."

A week or so, and a 10 point Liberal lead later, this is now.

And of course, "leadership" is also being attacked by members of your own party:

"One long-time Mr. Tory said the decision “reinforces” the impression among some that Mr. Tory has bad judgment. “The rest of his policies are all so mushy,” said the source. “It didn’t give him any place to go when he came forward with the faith-based thing.Here’s one big policy and the rest is all so vague and mush that he didn’t have an escape hatch.”

And of course, "leadership" is having front bench members discuss leadership races during campaign crunch time.

"Supporters loyal to Mr. Hudak and Mr. Flaherty (and potentially Ms. Elliott) have been distancing themselves from the faith-based “fiasco” lately, the source said, telling party activists that the unpopular funding approach was always second best to a tax credit. Some party members think Mr. Klees, a social conservative who lost to Mr. Tory in the September 2004 leadership race, would have difficulties running again. He is widely credited as the force behind Tory’s disastrous religious school funding policy. "

Greg Sorbara, Finance Minister and Liberal campaign chief, I think, says it best:

“It took an awful lot of gall on Mr. Tory’s part , today of all days, to talk about leadership and his special style of leadership...this is an appalling example of bad leadership and weak judgment. The fact is, the issue remains the same. Mr. Tory proposes to continue the debate into the next two, three or four years with all of the incumbent destabilization in public education, all of the division, all of the rancor.”

Leadership is restoring balance to the public system and civil society as a whole after the 8 years of mean-spirited cuts, public sector chaos, and fiscal mismanagement that is the legacy of the Harris/Eves governments. Leadership making the tough choices that serve the people, not political personality. Dalton McGuinty has displayed leadership in 4 years by acting less like a polititan, and more like a public servant. Leadership is also admiting areas that you've fallen short, and setting acheiveable and reasonable goals to fix those problems, and keep moving forward. John Tory's "leadership" as demonstrated throughout the campaign is empty promises, Karl Rove style negativity, glossed over platforms, and now, flip floping.

As I always say, John Tory is right about one thing, leadership does matter, and John Tory is not a leader.

EDIT: This: http://www.thestar.com/OntarioElection/article/262654 is hilarious!

"Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory’s scramble to change the channel from his flip-flop on funding faith-based schools suffered a setback this morning when a former party supporter ambushed him in a Scarborough supermarket."

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billg said...

Your right. But, if you go that way...then leadership is NOT signing a document promising not to raise tax's knowing full well you were going to. So..Ontarians have a choice of two pitiful leaders. Now dont go get all sulky if in 4 years the voters have to elect another Mike Harris because we're into debt to the tune of 1 million dollars an hour. Its pretty bad when Howard Hampton is the only real leader out there.