Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10 reasons to vote against Tim Peterson

1. His floor crossing showed his lack of respect for the democratic process and the people of Mississauga South

2. He does not have a single idea or thought that was not first had by John Tory

3. He would be Queen's Park voice in Mississauga South, not Mississauga South's voice in Queen's Park

4. His weakness and indecivness on faith based schools, refusing to take a clear position on the issue

5. He crossed the floor not out of conviction or purpose, but because he didn't think he could get re-elected as a Liberal after the riding boundary re-adjustment

6. Was handed PC nomination in an undemocratic process criticized by previous PC MPP Margaret Marland called "despicable"

7. Sold out the family business

8. Turned his back on the investments made by the Liberal government in Peel and embraced a PC legacy of cuts and downloading.

9. On every issue he claimed was a reason for leaving the Liberals, he had prior praised the government on

10. Because Charles Sousa simply deserves it

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These points are all rediculous, and you have no proof for any of them. Educate yourself on what happened before you make crazy claims!!