Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Misser cabinet

First off, I'm happy that the new cabinet will have two Missers (a phrase I am now declaring coined, if no one else has) at the table, with Mississauga-Erindale MPP Harinder Takhar keeping his spot as minister of small business and entrepreneurship, and Peter Fonseca over in Mississauga-East getting a promotion to Tourism. While Harinder keeping his portfolio (small business being in Mississauga does make a lot of sense) is not a great surprise, and Fonseca getting into cabinet is as I predicted in a blog post last week (I figured either Fonseca or Sousa would get in, so my "Portuguese guy from Mississauga theory was correct) but I was slightly surprised at the portfolio. Tourism is generally given to someone from a well, "touristy" place, and while Mississauga is a great place to live, I wouldn't exactly call it a tourist destination.

Perhaps the Liberal government has a grand scheme to make the GTA West a hot spot of tourism. While Fonseca's riding does cover the "downtown" of Mississauga, and as such would probably be the focal point of any tourist development, for us down in the South, developing the lakefront would be a good tourist draw. and is something Sousa stressed during his campaign, to work towards turning Lakeview into "the Beaches of the West". Between Fonseca in Tourism, and Harinder in small business, Mississauga can probably expect some nice little investments over the next 4 years to help keep moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

If Miller imposes a tax on drinks in restaurants, I may be forced to drink at the West 50 near Square One.