Thursday, August 8, 2013

More shots fired in Ontario PC civil war as Education Critic Lisa MacLeod savages Transportation Critic Frank Klees on Twitter

As the Ontario PC civil war over Tim Hudak's continued leadership rages on, here is what PC Education Critic (and many say potential future leadership candidate Lisa MacLeod) had to say to her fellow PC frontbencher and Transportation Critic Frank Klees.

Next time the Hudak PC's ask to be taken seriously on the transit file, remember that this is the opinion his Transportation critic is held in by one of his highest profile MPPs.

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William Thomas Moore said...

Lisa MacLeod thinks she's next in line after Dim Tim Hudak, and would be first female premier of Ontario.

I frankly don't trust any of our politicians at Queen's Park to do the right thing, especially on the education file. Too many politicians in the Conservative Party are Progressives like John Tory. They won't push for the right policies, and prop up the bad ones for vote grabs pandering to keep their jobs. We don't send politicians to Queen's Park just to keep a seat warm.

MacLeod is the biggest panderer of them, more concerned about the Roman Catholic Church and it's teachings of indoctrination on the public taxpayer's dime.

Let's say there was an education system that funded only males while women were forced to stay at home, "bake cookies" would she be defending a system like this?

MacLeod is no Mullah Yousafzai, she's Tim Hudak in a skirt. Hopefully if Frank Klees gets a chance to take the reigns of the party, he'll be representing something new; not recycled Red Tory liberalism.