Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"New Democrats, both federally and provincially have unwaveringly opposed the HST." Or Not.

The federal and provincial NDP, particularly the provincial NDP here in Ontario, have attempt to make gains off the HST issue. (That the ONDP has seen its vote decline or stagnate in every by-election pace Toronto Centre, in which the HST was a non-issue, perhaps says something about the ability of the party to connect with voters, but that is neither here nor there.) In particular, the NDP has emphasized that they oppose the measure, with the federal and various provincial parties issuing joint press releases, like the one I took the quote in the title from.

So under the NDP logic that the HST is variously "a tax grab", tax credits "a bribe" and other vitriolic rhetoric, I wonder how they will play this:


The Dexter government's budget includes a two-point increase in the provincial portion of the harmonized sales tax, bringing the province's share to 10 per cent, and a 15-per cent HST in total.

It will be the highest harmonized sales tax in the country.

Wait, I thought the NDP was, in the words of Andrea Horwath "the only party to oppose the HST federally and provincially"? Is that why Darrell Dexter, who just last year was seen as the darling child of the NDP, leading his party to victory in Nova Scotia for the first time, has not only not abolished the HST, but has actually raised it? Given that under the NDP system, the federal and provincial parties are joined, does this mean either the entire NS NDP will be disowned by the party, or the federal NDP MP's from the province magically be in favour of the HST?

Or will the NDP, and in particular, the ONDP ignore the issue because it ruins a talking point? I'm betting on the latter.


Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

Nice one.

Ontario NDP said...

The Democracy has been taken out of the NDP since Horwath and her cronies have taken power.

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