Tuesday, April 13, 2010

905ers and others not deserving of equal representation: Hudak


That's basically what PC leader Tim Hudak said yesterday. The new legislation being brought in to help balance the House of Commons would give, including more seats for Ontario, which is currently underrepresented. Provincial boundaries matching federal boundaries on the riding level was brought in mind you, by the Mike Harris government Tim Hudak was a proud member of and served as a member of cabinet in. With the new boundaries, it only makes sense to add more seats to better serve the fast growing and economically crucial suburban 905 area. Yet Tim Hudak dips into the Tea Party rhetoric again, basically saying "We don't need no damn gub'mint." and says that the fast growing areas of Ontario don't "need" to have equal representation.

A look at Pundits' Guide shows that, for example, 23 of the top 30 ridings in terms of population (and thus the most rewarding of redistribution) are in Ontario, as are 9 of the top 10. Ontario needs new seats on the federal level and the provincial level. Can Tim Hudak explain why the people of Brampton West, the riding with the largest population in the country (170,422, which is larger than PEI, as are 5 other Ontario ridings, all in the 905 belt) are, in the opinion of himself and the PC's, not deserving of equal representation? With many of the ridings which need reform in urban/suburban Ontario, this latest move by Hudak shows that he and the PC's have nothing to offer to these crucial areas of the province, and 21st century Ontario.

And that's just the shadow cabinet! The times have changed, but Tim Hudak hasn't.

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