Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick pre AGM nomination news

Haven't done a nomination update in a bit, so here we go:

Colin Wilson, a federal civil servant, was nominated as Liberal candidate in Barrie last night. Mr. Wilson was acclaimed.

Lawrence Joseph, former Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations is going after the NDP nomination Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River. The riding has a bit of an odd federal history, being held by Liberal, Tory, and NDP in recent memory, and sometimes swings against the national tide, electing a Liberal in 2006 over a Tory incumbent.

Sticking with the NDP, social worker Bobbi Stewart will represent the party in Guelph next election. Guelph was the site of a 4 way race last election, with Liberal Frank Valeriote winning over Tory Gloria Kovach, Tom King for the NDP, and Mike Nagy for the Greens, who with 21% of the vote to Frank's 32%, was the Green candidate who came closest to winning a seat last election.

With Tory incumbent Rick Casson stepping down, local businessman Mark Switzer is stepping up to go after the nomination.

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