Thursday, March 25, 2010

The times have changed. Tim Hudak hasn't.

Andrew Steele does a good job of pointing out the potential problem's with the roll out of Tim Hudak's first set of policy proposals here:
Tim Hudak is stuck in the Mike Harris mindset. He is either so ideologically blinded or willfully ignorant to see that times have changed in Ontario during the past 15 years. He wants to cut and paste the "solutions" of Mike Harris, which lead to turmoil in our schools and hospitals, slashing cuts to vital public services, and terrible human consequences in places like Ipperwash and Walkerton. While the Ontario Liberals are moving forward with change, making investments in the green energy to create tens of thousands of jobs, and tax reforms which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and investing in schools and families, Tim Hudak wants to go back to the failed ideas of cutting investments in creating jobs for hard working citizens of Ontario, killing environmental regulation as a sop to his climate change denying base, and attack the our schools and hospitals.
With the Budget coming out today show Ontario is well on the way to tackling the deficit, our economy is still in recovery mode. The Liberals are looking forward to ensure all of Ontario can benefit from the recovery, while the Hudak PC's are trying to turn back the clock so they can put in place ideologically driven and wrong headed policies from a different time. Ontario Liberals are keeping up with the challenges and changes the province faces. Tim Hudak hasn't.

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