Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Premier Dad" strikes again

McGuinty already caused some grumblings within the OYL ranks with his proposed driving legislation, and raising the price of beer for reasons of "social responsibility" makes me think the OYL will have an increasingly hard time reaching out to youth by promoting the Ontario Liberals as a party that takes them seriously. Something the OYL has tried recently has been to promote itself as a real youth-centric organization, with an activist spirit, but it is hard to recruit new young members and supporters with the rally cries of driving restrictions and more expensive booze.


Anonymous said...

I am quickly loosing patience with McGuinty... Nannying by legislation seems to be his solution for everything.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope 2008 was just McGuinty's "Off" year since he was lacking a real opposition leader in the House, and got really bored.

With this economic recession looming this year, let's hope Dalton pulls his head out of his ass and manages to do something.